Laura E. Price

There are many who share my name, but I’m the one who writes the weird stuff.

“[‘The Idaho Ghost Job’ is] fun and funny and the banter is top shelf, the characters in general endearing and awesome, and this is another wonderful story you should check out immediately!”

Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews, 9/19

“Primary Manifestations by Laura E. Price is a haunted house story with an inventive and captivating structure and is an award-worthy piece of literary horror. Telling the multigenerational story of a family trapped by a house, it has Haunting of Hill House (Netflix version) vibes but is uniquely it’s own. Honestly, Price’s masterful writing knocked my socks off.”

David J. Thirteen, amazon review of stories we tell after midnight vol 2, 1/21

‘[‘Items Found In a Box Belonging to Jonas Connolly’] is a feminist work, one that mourns the what could have been of women’s lives, so restricted by social convention in the years they lived.”

Lois Tilton, Recommended Review in Locus, 4/11