Things To Read, Other People Edition

I know, I know, what you really want is to read something by me.  (Oh my god, I am blushing just typing that, where did my youthful arrogance go?)  I may have something for you in that regard in a while–I’m working on a blog post about One of the Weird Things I Am Fascinated By, but my thoughts have been jumbled and I’m not sure there’s a point to what I’ve written, as yet–but in the meantime, I thought I would aim you all at Things You Can Read For Free, That Are Cool.

“Eight” by Corinne Duyvis

This is over at Strange Horizons.  (They’re still having their fund drive, by the way.  Just saying.  You know, if you’re looking for something to donate money to.)  It’s time travel; it’s a story I thought of when I saw previews for “Orphan Black,” although it’s nothing like “Orphan Black,” really, at all.

“Aftermath” by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill

Okay, this one I have more to say about–I remember not liking it at all.  But also having to finish it.  I had to know what happened.  And then, once I was done, I sort of shuddered and went onto the next thing … but there are things in this story that have been haunting the back of my mind since I read it.  The teeth thing, mostly.  The roof and the bridge.  And the window.

“A Visit to the House on Terminal Hill” by Elizabeth Knox

Well, this does an awful lot of the sort of things I like in a story–a world where you don’t know everything, but you know it’s out there.  People dumped in the middle of it.  Images that stick with you.  Creepy stuff.

“Because You Left,” masterpost for Part 1

This is a Lost/Glee AU crossover fan fic.  Which means there is a very particular audience for it, people who have those intersecting interests.   So if you, like myself, are one of those people … well, my friend, you are going to have a really good time with this.  The link goes to the masterlist for Part 1, and Part 2 has just begun posting.

“Absent From Felicity” by Sarah Monette

And this … this is awesome.  It’s Hamlet fic, set after Hamlet’s death, and it is lovely and sad and to be totally honest, I think Sarah Monette is absolutely one of the best writers (I mean that in every sense, from story ideas to literally how she puts sentences together) working right now, and she is criminally under-known.   Read her books (track down the Doctrine of Labyrinths series, holy hell, y’all).  In 2014, look for Katherine Addison’s The Goblin Emperor; that’s Monette’s pen name.

“Spotlight,” by Jason Kimble (yup, it’s in the sidebar.)

Full disclosure:   Jason Kimble is my Evil Twin.*   This is  his online serial story, currently in progress over at LiveJournal.  Superheroes and the media.  Dude with a horse head.  Can’t go wrong with that, now, can you?  (Crowd is my current favorite character, actually.)


*Jason has the beard, but as my husband likes to point out, there is no good twin–we’re evil, and we’re twins.  (My husband may feel this way because we tend to focus our evil on him … ?)

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I read (you can check out my Goodreads if you want; it's linked on my blog). I write (I’ve been published in Cicada, On Spec, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Betwixt, Metaphorosis, Gallery of Curiosities, The Cassandra Project; the stuff that’s available online is linked on my blog). I plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse and welcome the coming of the gorilla revolution. Or the anarchist rabbits. Whichever happens first. (I also blame my husband for basically everything.)

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