Glee 5.14, “New New York,” randomnicity

Wait, I just posted yesterday, what the hell is going on?!

So, Glee. I liked that a lot … and all I have are random observations.

First off, though, I have to say I was disappointed not to see any talking cat-nuns or giant faces in jars in this episode. The bedbugs are not Macra. (I am a ridiculous Doctor Who nerd. But like that’s news.)

So Kurt has Bruce, and Blaine … gets handed a guitar. I’m sure that says something. It also reminded me of telling my kid to take his stuffed animal to his room with him for a time out. (Good lord, every single one of them seemed so young this episode.)

There was some nice, gentle, casual intimacy to the scene where Kurt and Blaine decided to not live together anymore–and that’s been missing from their scenes together since they broke up. Because, as Blaine said, he’s been trying so hard to keep up and/or catch up with Kurt (I’m excited that I was right, in my vague, half-formed way, about that contrast between them), so things have felt forced until now (and I’m happy that was on purpose because I was getting to the end of my rope with it).

And Chris Colfer’s face during that entire episode, oh my god. Lovely. And hilarious. I also love how Darren Criss is willing to do basically anything on this show–dress like a superhero? Okay! Dance in boxers and a pair of loafers? Sure! Be way too intense in mime class? On it!–and I love that aspect of him as an actor the same way I love the subtleties of Chris Colfer’s face.

Partway through the show I told the Lovely Husband that everyone was mad or scared or both except Rachel, but I was pretty sure she was about to get mugged, and it all made me so happy … and he told me I was a horrible person. And maybe I am. Okay, I probably am. But conflict is the center of all stories, and frankly, any conflict on Glee that isn’t cheating or pregnancy-related is fine with me.

“Steampunk glitter rock vampire with tats and guyliner.” That is probably my favorite thing ever, and I want Elliot to show up one day at the diner with it bedazzled on a t-shirt. Hell, I want a t-shirt with that bedazzled on it. (I’ll wear it with my obnoxious affirmation pants.)

Elliot, like Blaine in season 2, needs some weird. Right now he’s the voice of reason, and that’s fine–I loved his scenes with Kurt and Blaine–and I don’t want him to drink the McKinley Kool-Aide, but he’s going to get boring quick if we don’t see Starchild again at some point. Normal is not why I watch Glee.

I am on board for Sam and Mercedes again. I loved Artie’s storyline (I want Artie to be the Director for everyone in much the same way he was for Rachel. Like, Elliot’s the voice of reason, but Artie just tells everyone to shut the hell up and get authentic … NOW. And they do. Or they at least shut up.  And then of course he goes all dictatorial on them and it blows up, but whatever).

And I got one of those patented Glee moments, too–on any other show, Sam would have taken the pills and we would have gotten some huge, season-long storyline of Sam hurting himself to be a model … but he just looked at them, got his stuff, and left. I enjoy it when they set up your traditional TV drama and then walk around it, pointing.

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