I have a fandom! (also I natter about writing process and some music)

My husband told me the other day that he was in my fandom.

I was simultaneously amused and confused by this–“Like, you’re into Glee, now?”

“No, I’m in your fandom.  Like, I’m a fan of you.  The Laura fandom.”

Which, whew, seriously, he did marry me, I’d hope he was a fan of, you know, me.  But then he went on to specify the stories, and this was just shy of being as cool as when my kid told his friend that I’m an author.[1]

So, yeah, I have a fandom.  It’s got one person in it, but still.  Now I have to figure out how to get fan art out of it.


And it’s Nano season, so if you’re doing that I send you a salute and good vibes for finishing.  I’ve tried Nano in various configurations in the past, and it really just doesn’t work for me (sadly–I’d like to be a lot faster than I am.  Jason’s been writing like a demon lately, and I’m jealous of his output).  My writing process for the past few years has been a lot of writing the scene longhand, figuring out why it’s all wrong, then typing it into Scrivener while fixing it.  At which point I feel like I have a first draft.  (Maybe what I ought to do is consider that my second draft?  Names have power and all that Puritan-type thought.)


In other news, lately I have been obsessing over …


Which is, quite possibly, the most cognitive whiplash-inducing pair of songs to play on a loop that my brain has ever put together.[2]  At least it’s not trying to mash them up.


And that, my friends, is my life.  Packing for our last trip to LegoLand for this year on Friday before getting dragged headfirst into the holidays, whither I would or no.



1 [back]They then tried to talk me into writing and publishing what amounted to Harry Potter them-and-their-friends-insert fanfic, and trying to explain both copyright law and the vagaries of publishing to a couple of seven-year-olds is, you know, an experience, and one we all came away from with feelings of supreme dissatisfaction.

2 [back]That Dessa song fits so much stuff.  I originally listened to it on a  Because You Left playlist (the perks of being a beta-reader), but it’s (ear)wormed its way onto my Teachout playlist, too.

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2 thoughts on “I have a fandom! (also I natter about writing process and some music)

  1. You know, I actually have toyed with the idea of drawing the Teachouts, but (1) they’re very slippery in my head, and (2) I fear ruining them with bad fanart. Especially Gwen; I don’t want to feel the pain if I drew a poor rendition of Gwen.

    1. You should totally draw Orson!

      It’s funny, because I have some very specific pictures in my head for Miss Vadoma and Mrs. Simcote, and a couple of other characters who are only in the book manuscript right now, but the girls just have specific features in my mind. Corwyn’s always had, like, hollows under her eyes and really fine hair, and Gwen’s a redhead and her cheeks are (at least when she’s a kid) rounder than you’d expect. Oh, and I know exactly how Gwen walks–I’d recognize her walk if I saw her in the street. Actually, I know more about how they both move than anything else.

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