Oh lord, she’s blogging about Glee again …

I don’t have a whole lot of theories or whatever about this season so far, but I have bullet points! (Maybe. If I can figure out how to do them.)

Spoilers below for all of season 6, up to 6.06.

My surprise of the season so far is how much I’ve enjoyed Blaine and Karofsky as a couple. I mean, I was down for it just because I like Max Adler and “choose the worst/most ridiculous thing you can imagine and go for it” is a narrative kink of mine, but it keeps taking me aback whenever I think oh my god, they look cute together.

I also like the body language whenever they’ve run into Kurt: Blaine seems both comfortable with Dave and slightly defensive about him. Dave is doing that touchy-feely, “see how well I know him because he’s my boyfriend” thing that God knows I’d do in front of my boyfriend’s ex-fiancé whom I used to have a thing for that, sure, was unhealthy, but goes to show that I am aware that he’s hot and yes, let’s all hang out and be friends, why is there a baby bear in our bed?

(That was a little too fun to type.)

It’s also interesting to see how far Kurt’s forgiveness and empathy go.

So, yeah, I’m excited that Dave is (was?  I see you peeking down the empty hallway, Kurt) an actual mid game boyfriend, falling somewhere between Adam/Kurt and Sam/Brittany in terms of emphasis and air time. And I hope Max Adler gets to do some more stuff before Kurt and Blaine inevitably get back together, because Karofsky is a thankless role in a lot of ways, and I think he’s done really well with it over the years.

My other thoughts so far:

  • Give me all the snarky, bitchy, tunnel-visioned Blaine you’ve got, writers.
  • Kurt Hummel remains the reason I watch Glee.
  • I got to see Will Schuester coaching Vocal Adrenaline, and it was exactly what I expected. Those kids don’t need a coach, they just need a maintenance crew and a bus driver.
  • Dot Marie Jones for all the awards, says me and everyone else.  Cannot wait to see this week’s episode.
  • I’m content to watch and see where Sam’s story goes this season. Same thing with Rachel. Rachel as a teacher–Rachel as a mix of Shelby and Will?–is actually resonating with me quite a lot. I liked her scene with Jane, getting her ready to audition–she can be such a generous person when she’s not feeling threatened.
  • Santana and Brittany in the hallway, after Santana’s abuela refuses to come to their wedding?  Oh my god, I loved that.  I’m not hugely invested in the two of them–I like them together, always figured they’d end up together–but that was just a lovely, casually intimate scene (Brittany’s whispered “Tell me again,” made me smile)–I am a sucker for scenes where couples show that they’re friends, too.  (You can probably guess what part of the elevator scene I liked.)
  • I love all the new kids.  Yes, even Spencer.  Roderick and Mason are my favorites, though, followed closely by Jane.  (Jane may beat Mason out here and there, actually.  I loved their duet.)

Not much longer to go, now.  Sigh.

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