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It’s been a busy month and a half around here, and I am tired.  Like, bone-deep, twelve hours of sleep might start chipping away at the sleep debt, way done with everything kind of tired.  But it’s all been in service to the greater good, and it’s not like I’m not always exhausted from March to the end of April.

So the day before my birthday (I am now the answer to life, the universe, and everything for a year), the Evil Twin and the Evil Twin-in-Law made it legal (because they could, finally).  Jason wrote a lovely post about it here.  Anyway, I had the distinct honor of being Jason’s best person in this steampunk wedding extravaganza (I wore a corset!  And a fetching hat!), which resulted in my being given THE GREATEST ATTENDANT’S GIFT EVER …

Corwyn and Gwen, by the  talented Jason Kimble.
Corwyn and Gwen, by the talented Jason Kimble.

That’s right, he drew me fan art.  I cried.  It’s hanging in my office at home.

Then the next week, the husband, the child, my mother, and I went to Universal to get our Harry Potter nerdery on.  I have a wand.  Scott has a Slytherin house crest pin.  My mother has a Quidditch shirt.  And my child … has every freaking piece of Harry Potter paraphernalia known to man.  Including a wand and a set of robes.

Wherein the plucky young wizard easily dispatches Jaws, in one of the best media crossovers of all time.
Wherein the plucky young wizard easily dispatches Jaws, in one of the best media crossovers of all time.

He told me that he would be Sorted into Gryffindor but play Quidditch for Hufflepuff, so he wanted Gryffindor robes and a Hufflepuff Quidditch shirt–and you know what?  Why not.  Be a trailblazer, baby.  Forge some House alliances.  Rock on.

I found it amusing that, while he liked the rides, his favorite thing to do was the interactive wand stuff.  My other trip highlight was the four of us brainstorming a Men In Black/Harry Potter crossover that involved Agent K teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts and feuding with Mad-Eye Moody.

And then we came home in time for Easter prep, and then 8th birthday prep, and now I am, as I do every year, swearing to everything that’s holy that I will not do anything more strenuous than getting my hair dyed for at least three weeks.

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