conversation on the way to school

(Sweeney Todd spoilers below)

Kid:  What is this song?

Me:  ‘Funhouse’ by Pink.

Kid:  What is it full of now?

Me:  Evil clowns.


Kid:  Okay, what’s this from?

Me:  Sweeney Todd.

Kid:  (in a tone that indicates he suspects he knows the answer) … why have all the cats disappeared?

Me:  Mrs. Moody put them in her pies.

Kid:  Well, no wonder she has the worst pies in London.

Me:  Actually, Mrs. Moody’s doing really well–Mrs. Lovett is singing this song, and her pies are awful because they have no meat.

Kid:  Cats don’t go in pies!

Me:  They’re not dessert pies, they’re meat pies. Like a pot pie.


Me:  You know what Mrs. Lovett puts in her pies, right?

Kid:  No … what?

Me:  The people Sweeney Todd kills.

Kid:  I don’t want to see this play.

Kid:  Okay, who is *this*?

Me:  Tori Amos.

Kid:  Is it from Sweeney Todd?


note: this is the second time in two days we’ve discussed cannibalism.

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