2 week blog run: day 3

See, the hard part is thinking up something to write about.

The husband is watching Wayward Pines, which really sounds like it ought to be more like Gravity Falls or Eureka, but, sadly, is not.

Spoilers, kind of, coming up for Wayward Pines (which I keep wanting to call Waverly Pines, which would make a great title for my mash-up, which follows) and possibly Gravity Falls

I’d love to watch a show where two siblings wake up at the end of a bus ride, having arrived in town to move in with their weird uncle/aunt/grandparent, and who discover the town is bizarre and there’s some sort of mystery surrounding it, and maybe the townsfolk know and maybe they don’t, and there are symbols and secret societies and journals written in code and a secret room where eccentric relative goes when the kids are asleep, and at the end of season one we discover that the whole place is, like, trapped in another dimension by a demon/mad scientist/awful occult accident, the secret societies and eccentric relative are the only things keeping the evil extra-dimensional entities outside the town from getting in and slaughtering everyone, and basically everyone who ever lived there was put into cryogenic/magic sleep and are now being awakened in waves because the dreams they have while in this artificial sleep are giving the entities more power or something, plus it’s time to save the town and bring it back home!

Season two is the preparation and attempt to bring the town back to regular reality!  AND FAILING!  AND NOW WE’RE OVERRUN WITH EVIL EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL MONSTERS!

Season three is fighting the extra-dimensional demon hordes while frantically deciphering the journals and symbols that the kids found and everyone dismissed as the ravings of the town hermit (which, wow, given this town, that guy must be really wacky) who, it turns out, was the guy who originally put up all the barriers after getting them all sucked into this disaster in the first place (all of which drove him mad and wiped his deed from everyone’s memory or whatever).  All they want to do is make the town safe again by putting the barriers back up, but right there at the end, the kids discover a way to maybe for reals bring the town back to our dimension.  Like Willow and Acathala, the kids try this while the rest of the town beats back the hordes, and we end the season (and the series?) with the question of … did it work?

And if we have a season four, it’s short.  Just a few episodes.  Things look normal.  Well, normal for this place.  There are hints of more world out beyond the town–maybe some of the characters are gone, but people get postcards.  There are newspapers from other places.  The TV is showing stuff beyond whatever year the town disappeared. But then at the very end, we get the hint that this is all a giant ruse (maybe via eccentric relative, whose deeds have been wiped from everyone’s memory?), and they’re still trapped, but now nobody knows it.  Except they’re all happy, and things are good, and they’re safe.  Ish.

But the things I’d want to see inside that are kindness, and love, and community, and an appreciation of the weird.

Hm.  That went in an unexpected direction.

So.  Reading?  I’d like to, but I keep falling asleep.

Exercise?  Five minutes of corpse pose, during which I fell asleep.  There seems to be a theme here …



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