2 week blog run: day 8

Well, look at that, we’re on week 2.

Every day, I have sat here and thought What the hell do I write?

Well, so, what to write today … I did get my note from the library that my book was waiting, and when I told the boys that I was going to go get it, the kid looked at me and said, “Have you not noticed the enormous pile of library books we have in this house?”

I pointed out to him that of said pile, a grand total of three were checked out to me.

We’re definitely a library family.  I’ve been a library girl since I was a kid.  The husband and I have been to libraries everywhere we’ve lived (we took a special trip to a haunted library in Indiana, but saw no ghosts).  I had a library card at the public library in Louisiana because, as Scott said, “The university library just isn’t good enough?”  Well, no, honey, it wasn’t.  (It was fine as academic libraries go, and I spent a lot of one semester in there doing my assignments for my research methods class, all of which became practically obsolete within three years as everything I’d been learning about got put online.)

I started taking the kid to the library when he was barely walking.  We’d go to story time and get books and he’d explore the children’s section.  Now he’s old enough that we all split off to our separate areas as soon as we walk in.  Last summer he went to the summer programs at the local library; this past summer he and his grandfather explored the libraries down where my parents lived, and the kid took photos to show me.

He’s not exactly the voracious reader I was at his age, but he reads enough books at enough speed that I’m glad we have the library because otherwise I’d be even more broke than I am now.


Published by Laura E. Price

I read (you can check out my Goodreads if you want; it's linked on my blog). I write (I’ve been published in Cicada, On Spec, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Betwixt, Metaphorosis, Gallery of Curiosities, The Cassandra Project; the stuff that’s available online is linked on my blog). I plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse and welcome the coming of the gorilla revolution. Or the anarchist rabbits. Whichever happens first. (I also blame my husband for basically everything.)

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