Every Single Day Challenge – Lots of Choices!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my first piece of silliness for my fundraiser.

I’m taking part in the Every Single Day Challenge, the goal of which is …

Choose something you would like to do Every Single Day for the month of January.  It can be anything you want.  Write a few lines of poetry.  Make some music.  Walk for five minutes.  Call a local politician.  Wash the dishes.  My best advice here is to make it one of those those things you always tell yourself you’re going to do and never get around to, like “Man, I really should pick up that scarf I was working on back in October and get knitting again.”  But keep it kind of small.  Remember, you’re doing this Every Single Day for the whole month of January.  You need to be able to do it on days when the weather is crazy, or you have a cold or a hangover or six toddlers in your living room.  So set very very easily reachable goals, for better success. (from The Cassandra Project’s Tumblr)

I’m drawing stick figures and writing poetry.  Or making poetry out of things I’ve already written.  My link will go up tomorrow, but I’m not the only one taking part in this challenge (starts tomorrow!  Ack!), and I thought I’d go ahead and publicize the other people taking part with links to their fundraisers:

Every Single Day for Planned Parenthood, by Karen Sorenson

Karen’s working on an adaptation of Trojan Women.

Every Single Day: 100 Hours of Study in a Month for Heart of Lebanon, by Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth is starting January 9th (because that’s when classes start), and her charity works with Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Every Single Day for the American Cancer Society, by Madeline

Madeline is creating quick paintings (she also has a link directly to the American Cancer Society, if you want to make a donation of less than the $10 minimum for CrowdRise).

Every Single Day for the Sierra Club Foundation, by Laurel

Laurel’s doing cover songs (also, her fundraising site of choice allows $1 donations).

Every Single Day for Larkin Street Services, by Ana

Ana’s writing something every day (woot!), and her organization “offers housing, education, employment, and health services to homeless youth in the Bay Area” (from her CrowdRise description).

If any of these programs or plans appeal more to you than the ACLU, please do feel free to donate to them.

(And, for my part, if you want to donate directly to the ACLU but don’t have the minimum CrowdRise donation of $10, feel free to directly donate  and let me know so I can say thanks!)



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