Stuff I Like About Hadestown, a list

  1. I got into Hadestown just in time for the OBC recording to start coming out, so I’m enjoying doing comparisons between the songs on the live recording and what’s being dropped.  So far I … um … kinda like the live version Hermes better? (Andre deShields is really good, though! Don’t @ me!) I really like the changes they made to “Way Down Hadestown.”
  2. The thing that drew me into this story is Hades and Persephone.  I’ve seen Persephone as the sad victim; I’ve seen Persephone as the rebellious daughter; I’ve seen the two of them portrayed as young lovers … I don’t think I’ve ever seen them as older, married, and losing each other.  It’s a good take, and an interesting one. And the idea of loving someone by giving them what you want to give them, and what you would want them to give you, but not paying attention to what they want or need is universal.  (It seems to me like Orpheus and Eurydice touch on that a bit, too, but I also haven’t heard the entire musical yet.) And they’re gods. They’re not human.  They’re fickle and strange; I love that I get that sense out of the music.
  3. Good lord in heaven, Patrick Page’s voice.
  4. A show that centers the idea that good tragedy makes you think, every time you watch it, that this time it might be different?  That’s my thing, y’all.
  5. “Wait for Me” is quite possibly the loveliest song I have heard in forever.


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