Shameless Self-Promotion!

 “The Idaho Ghost Job” is up at Translunar Travelers Lounge.  (It came out yesterday, but this has been a craaazy week at work, so I am posting to the blog a day late.)

It’s a Teachout story–a fun one!  Low-angst!–that makes my husband laugh.

This one came about because I was listening to a podcast (I believe it was “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” but don’t quote me) that discussed Robert the doll  and I thought, Oh, you know, a haunted doll would be exactly the kind of thing the museum would want to display.  And really, who else would they send to get the thing but Corwyn and Gwen?  

I would also like to take a moment to thank my husband and son for acting some of this story out for me, so that I could see if what I had in mind was actually physically possible.

Okay, I have no idea if I should actually write about this part, but what the hell.  “Idaho” has been one of my most-rejected stories, but also the one that got the most bumps to an editor, made it to the most last-rounds, and gotten the most “I liked it a lot but it’s just not right for us” replies, like, ever.  And, honestly, I was rarely surprised to get those rejections because I knew it was a weird story. I think it’s a good story, but I also knew from the moment I first sent it out that it would be a hard sell just because of its tone.

But then Translunar’s submission call went out, and I had a very good feeling about it because it was asking for fun sci-fi and fantasy–really, what’s more fun than a haunted doll and two violent women?–and here we are.  I guess what I want to say here is that just because a story is racking up rejections, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a terrible story. It really might just mean that it hasn’t found the right home, yet. Keep an eye out for that place that may be right for it.

So thank you to Aimee Ogden and Bennett North for starting Translunar Travelers Lounge just generally (we need places for fun stories!), and also for accepting this piece.  I hope everyone gets as much of a kick out of reading it as I did writing it. 

(Oh, and Tiffany, please don’t kill me.  Or John.)

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