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I think this blog may end up being all about reading for a while?  I’m doing a lot of that recently.

I got my contributor’s copy of Translunar Travelers Lounge, and wow, gang.  This is a really strong batch of stories.  Like, I am chuffed to be included, here.  Every last one of them is solid, kinda weird, and very fun.  It was so great to read things that I knew weren’t going to make me sad–they might not all be larks, but they weren’t grimdark depressing.*

My particular favorites …

Dear Sir, by Kaolin Fire, which just made me laugh.  It’s too short to even give you a synopsis without spoiling it, so trust me.

Wings, by Vanessa Fogg.  This story is beautifully written.  The language is just gorgeous.  The idea is lovely.  The ending was inevitable, but I still didn’t call it.  If you like fairy tales, or love stories, read this one.

How To Break Causality and Write the Perfect Time Travel Story by Stewart C. Baker.  Okay, this one made me laugh, too (“Who’s ‘wasting time on oversaturated tropes’ now, Pam?!”–I have been in that critique group); I loved the ending.

Henrietta and the End of the Line, by Andi C. Buchanan.  I called this “charming and superbly weird” on Twitter.  Y’all, it’s a squid train story.  A STORY. ABOUT. A SQUID. THAT IS A TRAIN.  And Henrietta, whose mom drives the train, but come on.  SQUID TRAIN.  (I also finished this and had a moment where I thought, Corwyn would really like that story. So, you know, if you want to take a recommendation from a fictional character, there it is.)

First Dates, by Elizabeth Kestrel Rogers.  I really, really liked this concept.  It made me think of Octavia Butler’s work.  This story is so completely my type of thing.  Speed dating, but with, well, aliens.

To Build a Bridge Out of Song, by L Chan.  Is there more in this world?  Can I read more things set in this universe?  Because I would very much like to.

Copies Without Originals, by Morgan Swim is my absolute favorite from this issue.  It’s about a robot museum docent after the humans are extinct; it is delicate and hopeful, odd, and very sweet.

Now, let me say, again–all of the stories in this issue are really good.  If these don’t quite match your tastes, check out the entire issue because I’m sure there’s something there for you, as well.


It is now pouring down rain (I don’t think this is Dorian?  We’re not expected to get much of anything from this one), and my nice comfy office chair is calling me to come read some more stuff, so I shall away.  Next time I’ll talk novels, maybe?


*There’s nothing inherently wrong with grimdark or depressing; I like a good depressing/ambiguous/cry your eyes out ending as much as the next girl, on occasion.  But I also like hope.  And I really like funny.

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