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All of us here at my house are healthy, currently (though we all have allergies and boy is that fun right now).  We have an elder, a diabetic, your spleenless narrator, and a 12 year old kid … plus the dog and two tetra fish.  So, you know, no one ever comes in, and no one ever goes out.  It’s Price’s Chocolate Factory over here.

I have been working from home since Friday.  Kiddo’s been out of school since the Friday before that.  Lots and lots of family togetherness.  (I am glad I bought this very spacious house we’re in now, because I don’t know how we would have managed quarantine in the little pink house.). But it’s not bad, overall.  We’re all introverts, for the most part.

I did take this opportunity to finally buy a new computer, because my current one doesn’t seem to want to open any Office program without a bribe and I kind of need Office for the day job and the writing, so we’re back to a Windows machine for the first time in … lord, possibly 15 years?  Yoiks.  (It’s sitting in the corner of my office, staring at me as I type this.)

I hope, as you read this, that you are doing well and staying healthy, and if you’re sick, that it’s mild.

Published by Laura E. Price

I read (you can check out my Goodreads if you want; it's linked on my blog). I write (I’ve been published in Cicada, On Spec, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Betwixt, Metaphorosis, Gallery of Curiosities, The Cassandra Project; the stuff that’s available online is linked on my blog). I plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse and welcome the coming of the gorilla revolution. Or the anarchist rabbits. Whichever happens first. (I also blame my husband for basically everything.)

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