quarantine blogging: rudeness? in *this* pandemic?

I have gotten snippy on Twitter with The New York Times over people’s kids/pets on Zoom and some rando talking about “lacking discipline” if you come out of quarantine without, like, skillz or a side hustle.  Folks, I have to actually work from home for 8 hours a day, you can fuck off trying to make me or anyone else feel guilty for not also writing a novel and keeping the dog from wandering into camera range during a meeting.  We’re over here doing the best we can, and some of us artist types are trying to regain our balance and momentum after massive upheaval.



Reading!  By me!  On Instagram!

Friday (4/3/20) at 7:30pm EST!  I am seldnei over there; come hear a couple of poems and probably a story; I’m aiming for 20-30 minutes.

I’m not nervous yet, but give me time.


Published by Laura E. Price

I read (you can check out my Goodreads if you want; it's linked on my blog). I write (I’ve been published in Cicada, On Spec, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Betwixt, Metaphorosis, Gallery of Curiosities, The Cassandra Project; the stuff that’s available online is linked on my blog). I plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse and welcome the coming of the gorilla revolution. Or the anarchist rabbits. Whichever happens first. (I also blame my husband for basically everything.)

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