quarantine blogging: asking the real questions

  1.  Is a pandemic a good excuse to order more notebooks? (probably no.)
  2. Do I want a Shipt account? (leaning toward yes.)

I really like the Artist’s Loft notebooks from Michael’s, and am concerned that the one I use for a journal will run out before quarantine does.  However, I currently have about ten blank notebooks that I can use that do not require someone to deliver them to me.

The Shipt thing is more about limiting our higher-risk family’s trips to the grocery store, since our local grocery isn’t doing curbside pickup.  I’d like to try it out before I spend $99 on it, though.

Last night, the kiddo dropped his mouse and couldn’t find it.  Okay, his room is a mess.  He’s 12, if I let him have a fridge in there we’d never see him again, of course it’s a mess.  But he could not find his wireless computer mouse, which he heard hit the tile floor.

This is at, like, 9:30pm.  Okay, I tell him, we will look tomorrow, when you can clear your bedroom floor and shake things out.

Today he texts me when he wakes up (at 2pm) with “I found my mouse” and a photo of it in his bed.

“How the everloving f*** did your mouse end up in your bed?!” I texted back.*


Mysteries of Quarantine.

*Yes, I swear in front of my kid.  Yes, my kid is allowed to swear at home.

Published by Laura E. Price

I read (you can check out my Goodreads if you want; it's linked on my blog). I write (I’ve been published in Cicada, On Spec, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Betwixt, Metaphorosis, Gallery of Curiosities, The Cassandra Project; the stuff that’s available online is linked on my blog). I plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse and welcome the coming of the gorilla revolution. Or the anarchist rabbits. Whichever happens first. (I also blame my husband for basically everything.)

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