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Whenever I play Candy Crush I get the urge to go to Five Below.

Why?  There’s nothing I actually want at Five Below.  I refuse to spend more than $5 at Five Below, as well; I am morally outraged at the “sometimes $10” thing they started previous to the pandemic.  So what the hell is the deal, brain?

I also keep wishing I could go to Legoland.

We took the boy to Legoland a number of times when he was small.  It is a perfect amusement park for small children–say, ages 3 to 10.  The rides are cute, the roller coasters aren’t super crazy, you can get through it in a day.  If you add the water park (which we only did once) you can stretch it to two days, although we did two days and just repeated the regular park on Day 2 as well.

I think I’m missing the ways that the past was easier.

Not that the past was easy.  But parts of it were–going to Legoland was an easy family trip.  Easier than Disney or Universal with a small boy, anyway.  Less expensive, fewer expectations.  Obviously no pandemic to worry about.

The kid is far, far too tall for Legoland now.  Although he might still dig their roller coasters.


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