quarantine blogging: drawing stuff

I started keeping a paper journal again in January after I took Fran Wilde’s Journaling for Creativity class over at the Rambo Academy (there are some really good workshops over there, and Cat Rambo has scholarships available).  I wanted to do something messy and scrapbook-ish (somewhere to put the stickers I accumulate and never wantContinue reading “quarantine blogging: drawing stuff”

quarantine blogging: another poem

Another poem from the IG reading … This one came about because our friend Ulrica messaged me about sending Scott a care package from Sweden, and she said, “The world as we know it is gone. Some of us understand that already, others need more time for it to sink in … So let’s justContinue reading “quarantine blogging: another poem”

quarantine blogging: a poem

This is one of the poems I read during my IG reading back in Year 5 of Quarantine. I wrote this for a prompt: “Build the Wall/All Walls Fall.”    What I Know About Walls I know that there is something that does not love them. Walls are made, of stone or wood or rolesContinue reading “quarantine blogging: a poem”

quarantine blogging: shameless self-promotion

My essay “A Meditation: on Safety, Fear, and Rage”–which is also about the owls in the yard, the kid across the street, the obnoxious dude next door, and Kill Bill–is in the second issue of Fuckit: A Zine! $3 on Etsy, gang! It’s not what I meant to write, but it got written.  One wordContinue reading “quarantine blogging: shameless self-promotion”

quarantine blogging: bad head space Saturday

cw:  uncertainty, anxiety, depression, talk of death–but my family and I are all healthy, so if you need to not read, you don’t need to worry on that account.   It is a bad day in Laura’s brain.  One of those days of wondering will I catch this thing? If I do, will I die? Continue reading “quarantine blogging: bad head space Saturday”

quarantine blogging: the days all blend together

It’s Year 129578394687 of Quarantine, and man am I sick of Zoom. Some positive notes: I managed to trim my hair so that it is not driving me insane. I also started using the flat iron in the morning because I seriously hate looking at my hair doing weird flippy things during a Zoom meeting.Continue reading “quarantine blogging: the days all blend together”

Quarantine blogging: squirrel brain

Squirrel brain this evening; no focus at all. Yeah, just lost the thread of what I was going to say two seconds ago, yay. Finished a draft today! The manuscript is a literal mess—part typed into Scrivener, part into Google docs, part handwritten between two notebooks, and the ending typed into Word. This is dueContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: squirrel brain”

quarantine blogging: oh bloody hell

From August 2015: So life is ephemeral, adulthood is hard, and my child looks to be ready to go through another growth spurt. He’s chest-high to me right now–when I rest my elbow on his head, I have to tilt my arm up, which was not the case back when summer started–so I can onlyContinue reading “quarantine blogging: oh bloody hell”

quarantine blogging

Whenever I play Candy Crush I get the urge to go to Five Below. Why?  There’s nothing I actually want at Five Below.  I refuse to spend more than $5 at Five Below, as well; I am morally outraged at the “sometimes $10” thing they started previous to the pandemic.  So what the hell isContinue reading “quarantine blogging”

quarantine blogging

The husband is sewing masks.  This is his first time sewing.  I can sew a button, do some rudimentary mending, and embroider a little, but not enough to actually teach him anything past “hey, double the thread so tying the stitch off is easier.” There has been swearing. I am surprised at how well we’reContinue reading “quarantine blogging”