quarantine blog: shameless other people promotion

Okay, I gotta stop numbering because I have no idea what number I should be on. Jason’s got a new story out!  You can read or listen to “The Hammer-Royal Model For Making the Superhero A-List” over at Cast of Wonders!  It’s always fun when Jason writes superheroes.  Um.  Yes. (psst!  Someone give him PowerContinue reading “quarantine blog: shameless other people promotion”

stuff Laura’s read recently

I think this blog may end up being all about reading for a while?  I’m doing a lot of that recently. I got my contributor’s copy of Translunar Travelers Lounge, and wow, gang.  This is a really strong batch of stories.  Like, I am chuffed to be included, here.  Every last one of them isContinue reading “stuff Laura’s read recently”

the obligatory awards post

Through the fiery blushing and imposter syndrome, I give you my list of stuff that was published in 2017 … “The Lost Languages of Exiles,” in Metaphorosis “Safe As Houses” in Gallery of Curiosities* “Four Cassandras” in The Cassandra Project And apparently Dropping Slow could be nominated as a novella, but that seems a bit weird. *I’m notContinue reading “the obligatory awards post”

shameless self promotion UPDATE

Hey, if you followed the link to The Cassandra Project  and felt that she shipping cost was a little … much–there was a bit of confusion there that has since been fixed: Those of you who have bought chapbooks from me before will know that I usually do free shipping on them and just factor thatContinue reading “shameless self promotion UPDATE”

It’s the very last day of the Every Single Day Challenge!

And I hope you have read and enjoyed the last bit of Dropping Slow, and that you’ve made a donation to Sharon the Light via CrowdRise or directly!  If not, you still have some time to do so and get yourself a free ebook copy of the novella. There are two other lovely people doing thisContinue reading “It’s the very last day of the Every Single Day Challenge!”

shameless other people promotion

Yes, I do need to get back to blogging.  Life has been nutso. HOWEVER! Karen Sorenson, author of Three Stories and founder of The Cassandra Project (and the Every Single Day Challenge) has put out a chapbook of poetry called Seasonal Affective Disorder, part of the proceeds of which will benefit Arts In the Armed Forces, anContinue reading “shameless other people promotion”

Every Single Day Challenge – Lots of Choices!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my first piece of silliness for my fundraiser. I’m taking part in the Every Single Day Challenge, the goal of which is … Choose something you would like to do Every Single Day for the month of January.  It can be anything you want.  Write a few lines of poetry.  MakeContinue reading “Every Single Day Challenge – Lots of Choices!”

stuff Laura’s read recently

I’m working my way through the ‘stories’ file in my Instapaper app, and these are really good: “And You Shall Know Her By the Trail of Dead”, by Brooke Bolander This is a whole bunch of my narrative kinks in one profanity-laden story.  No info dumps, complex relationships, chicks with guns … it’s up forContinue reading “stuff Laura’s read recently”

more shameless other people promotion

David Walker (aka the evil twin-in-law, aka Jason’s husband) has started a YouTube series (channel?  I am woefully illiterate in YouTube terminology), and the premiere video, about Batman in film, has gone up. (For the record, I am a Michael Keaton as Batman girl–his movie career is full of characters who are unhinged; even theContinue reading “more shameless other people promotion”