Penumbra’s October Issue is out …

… and my ghost story, “Hauntings,” is in it! There are other stories in it, as well, all of which play with the theme of “paranormal adventures” during this spookiest of months. (I love October. I love ghost stories. I’m so excited about this, I can’t even tell you.) The issue is $3.99 and isContinue reading “Penumbra’s October Issue is out …”

State of the Laura: shameless self-promotion edition

All right, on October 1 it goes into the archives, so here’s my last bit of shameless-self-promotion for “The Curator’s Job” … A curator who has lost quite a unique … um … item, girl adventurers, a witch, Victorian-era gangsters, and, to top it all off, a big old-fashioned free-for-all brawl. YOU KNOW YOU WANTContinue reading “State of the Laura: shameless self-promotion edition”


My short story, “Hauntings,” will be appearing in the October issue of Penumbra eMag–the theme is “Paranormal Adventures.” I’m very excited! And if you want to check Penumbra out, their first year of issues is available for free (you can click on the banner at the top of the page I linked to above). (also,Continue reading “Ahem!”

“The Curator’s Job” is live!

All right, y’all, my long short story, “The Curator’s Job,” is up at GigaNotoSaurus! This is another story about Corwyn and Gwen Teachout, lady adventurers for hire … except it’s rather early in their career. [1] Here, I’ll give you a teaser quote:   “I think if you want to see her stop playing and kill youContinue reading ““The Curator’s Job” is live!”


So my story, “The Curator’s Job,” will be appearing in an upcoming issue of GigaNotoSaurus! I am very excited, as they publish some really great stuff–which you should go check out. They’re also a market for longer stories (“longer than a short story, shorter than a novel,” as their About page says), so if youContinue reading “Woo-hoo!”

The Landlady (A Teachout vignette)

The husband told me it was time to post some fiction, so … this one’s for you, dear. This is a story (more a vignette, really) about the Teachout sisters, whose first adventure can be found in this issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  I think this can stand alone, but it likely won’t do much forContinue reading “The Landlady (A Teachout vignette)”

The Island of the Crabs (a Teachout vignette)

I read the other day that the 2013 Christmas Island migration is underway, and I thought I’d finally put this up on the blog to … celebrate?  (See the end of the post for a couple of notes.) This is a story (more a vignette, really) about the Teachout sisters, whose first adventure can be found inContinue reading “The Island of the Crabs (a Teachout vignette)”

The Next Assistant

Happy Halloween!  Have a story for trick or treat.  (It’s a Halloween story, so please take that under advisement before you read.) The Next Assistant by Laura E. Price There is very little for this assistant to do. He sleeps poorly, lately, because the hump has gotten too big to allow him to lie comfortablyContinue reading “The Next Assistant”