quarantine blogging: drawing stuff

I started keeping a paper journal again in January after I took Fran Wilde’s Journaling for Creativity class over at the Rambo Academy (there are some really good workshops over there, and Cat Rambo has scholarships available).  I wanted to do something messy and scrapbook-ish (somewhere to put the stickers I accumulate and never wantContinue reading “quarantine blogging: drawing stuff”

quarantine blogging: bad head space Saturday

cw:  uncertainty, anxiety, depression, talk of death–but my family and I are all healthy, so if you need to not read, you don’t need to worry on that account.   It is a bad day in Laura’s brain.  One of those days of wondering will I catch this thing? If I do, will I die? Continue reading “quarantine blogging: bad head space Saturday”

quarantine blogging: the days all blend together

It’s Year 129578394687 of Quarantine, and man am I sick of Zoom. Some positive notes: I managed to trim my hair so that it is not driving me insane. I also started using the flat iron in the morning because I seriously hate looking at my hair doing weird flippy things during a Zoom meeting.Continue reading “quarantine blogging: the days all blend together”

Quarantine blogging: squirrel brain

Squirrel brain this evening; no focus at all. Yeah, just lost the thread of what I was going to say two seconds ago, yay. Finished a draft today! The manuscript is a literal mess—part typed into Scrivener, part into Google docs, part handwritten between two notebooks, and the ending typed into Word. This is dueContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: squirrel brain”

quarantine blogging: oh bloody hell

From August 2015: So life is ephemeral, adulthood is hard, and my child looks to be ready to go through another growth spurt. He’s chest-high to me right now–when I rest my elbow on his head, I have to tilt my arm up, which was not the case back when summer started–so I can onlyContinue reading “quarantine blogging: oh bloody hell”

quarantine blogging

Whenever I play Candy Crush I get the urge to go to Five Below. Why?  There’s nothing I actually want at Five Below.  I refuse to spend more than $5 at Five Below, as well; I am morally outraged at the “sometimes $10” thing they started previous to the pandemic.  So what the hell isContinue reading “quarantine blogging”

quarantine blogging

The husband is sewing masks.  This is his first time sewing.  I can sew a button, do some rudimentary mending, and embroider a little, but not enough to actually teach him anything past “hey, double the thread so tying the stitch off is easier.” There has been swearing. I am surprised at how well we’reContinue reading “quarantine blogging”

quarantine blogging: sleep? what?

I have completely borked my sleep schedule. I get done with my day job and end up asleep on the couch for like an hour and a half, then I don’t sleep until later at night.  Now I’m trying to decide whether I should just say fuck it and make that work for me orContinue reading “quarantine blogging: sleep? what?”

quarantine blogging: I’m in more debt to Tom Nook.

I have baked bread on numerous occasions, so making a sourdough starter was not anything I was interested in.  That meant that the Quarantine Trend I could hop on was Animal Crossing! Actually, the kid wanted it, and at this point I’m down with buying him as many video games as he wants.  For oneContinue reading “quarantine blogging: I’m in more debt to Tom Nook.”