quarantine blogging: asking the real questions

 Is a pandemic a good excuse to order more notebooks? (probably no.) Do I want a Shipt account? (leaning toward yes.) I really like the Artist’s Loft notebooks from Michael’s, and am concerned that the one I use for a journal will run out before quarantine does.  However, I currently have about ten blank notebooksContinue reading “quarantine blogging: asking the real questions”

quarantine blogging: all the links to things!

If you tuned into my Instagram reading this evening, you may be looking for links to things I mentioned tonight … The first issue of Fuckit: a zine, featuring “There are No Lost Worlds,” which I read tonight, along with some cool photos, odd essays, and poetry.  Stapled, for your punk rock aesthetic.  If you’reContinue reading “quarantine blogging: all the links to things!”

quarantine blogging: rudeness? in *this* pandemic?

I have gotten snippy on Twitter with The New York Times over people’s kids/pets on Zoom and some rando talking about “lacking discipline” if you come out of quarantine without, like, skillz or a side hustle.  Folks, I have to actually work from home for 8 hours a day, you can fuck off trying toContinue reading “quarantine blogging: rudeness? in *this* pandemic?”

Quarantine blogging: “there is no way in which this film is not fucked up”

The husband is watching Midsomar in the office, and it literally sounds bizarre. I seem to have lost my taste for horror movies. This isn’t due to the pandemic; it’s been like this for a while, now. Not sure what happened there. Horror novels and dark fantasy stories are still my thing, though. I dunno,Continue reading “Quarantine blogging: “there is no way in which this film is not fucked up””

Quarantine blogging: the modern salon

Making pseudo-lesson planner pages for myself to make sure I get things done. Apparently my brain does not wish to self-direct; it wants to be told what to do and when to do it. This is, of course, a reaction to stress. But it’s cool—bullet journaling and therapy have helped me accept that I amContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: the modern salon”

quarantine blogging

The essay is 90% done.  I want to do a re-read of it to pull out the random ‘ands’ before I send it off. I’m doing a lot of re-reading lately, because I am not super-keen on stories where I don’t have some vague idea of the ending at the moment.  Gee, I wonder why?Continue reading “quarantine blogging”

quarantine blogging: my hobbit hole

I did not, in fact, spend the day writing.  I instead spent it rearranging my office so that it better resembled the hobbit hole that I want it to be. Obviously part of that is once again having a computer tower instead of a small square thing that hides easily.  The other part was allContinue reading “quarantine blogging: my hobbit hole”

Quarantine blogging: stay off social media and write, Price

I go back and forth between panicky want-to-know-everything and stubborn I-am-going-to-survive-out-of-spite. (Not that I’m sick. Still healthy a week into quarantine. Knock on wood.) I’m not sure how much I need to know about everything. The past three years I have occasionally had to tell myself that the train will continue to wreck whether orContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: stay off social media and write, Price”

quarantine blogging: snakes and other creatures

My cousin’s 5 year old son has a pet snake he named “Cutie” because, it seems, the snake has a cute face.  This is adorable and reminds me of a certain child of mine, back in the day. Said child has decided to spend this week before online classes start to do a bit ofContinue reading “quarantine blogging: snakes and other creatures”

Quarantine blogging 2: sad Ben Affleck

I had a dream a couple nights ago about a very sad Ben Affleck. I have no idea why he was sad in my dream.  From what I understand, real Ben Affleck is doing okay after some substance abuse problems and what really does sound like a depression-induced back tattoo, but in the dream heContinue reading “Quarantine blogging 2: sad Ben Affleck”