Woulou, part 2

Not raising money this time, just putting a story into the world.  Hope you enjoy.  Part One is here. After that, I was ready to sell my car to clear out the jungle in the back corner of the yard. Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy because the plants themselves weren’t on our sideContinue reading “Woulou, part 2”

Woulou, part 1

Not raising money this time, just sending a story out into the world.  Hope you enjoy. When my son, Morgan, was seven, we moved into a new house.  I couldn’t afford to buy a house, but there was a rental available in a pretty nice neighborhood for a ridiculously low price. You know where thisContinue reading “Woulou, part 1”

well, i’m still quarantined blogging: hi!

Been a bit, yeah? I’m living in a hotspot, y’all, and I am hiding in my house as much as I possibly can because yoiks. We got neighbors in front and behind us in their 20s having house parties, which I hate anyway because I am old and like the quiet and hate humans, butContinue reading “well, i’m still quarantined blogging: hi!”

The Landlady (a revised Teachout story)

So in 2014, I posted the original vignette “The Landlady”.  And then this year I ended up revising it substantially, and I thought it turned out pretty well, so I’m going to post it here to end my 2-week blog streak.  I will probably take the first version down at some point, just to streamlineContinue reading “The Landlady (a revised Teachout story)”

Ophelia’s Flowers, a poem

Ophelia’s Flowers (The Queen of Carthage, generation 3) By the time he’s returned home, she’s killed them all: the Queen, poisoned, her mouth stuffed full of larkspur and love lies bleeding; the King in his bed, stabbed bloody, dogsbane and yellow gentian laced between his fingers. She looks up when her door slips aside, inContinue reading “Ophelia’s Flowers, a poem”

The Cursed Headdress (a Teachout story)

This is a story (please note the “read more” button!) about the Teachout sisters, links to whose other adventures can be found in my full bibliography.  I think this can stand alone, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go and read “The Drowned Man” first.  For reasons.  (It’s cool.  I’ll wait.)  And, you know,Continue reading “The Cursed Headdress (a Teachout story)”

The Landlady (A Teachout vignette)

The husband told me it was time to post some fiction, so … this one’s for you, dear. This is a story (more a vignette, really) about the Teachout sisters, whose first adventure can be found in this issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  I think this can stand alone, but it likely won’t do much forContinue reading “The Landlady (A Teachout vignette)”

The Island of the Crabs (a Teachout vignette)

I read the other day that the 2013 Christmas Island migration is underway, and I thought I’d finally put this up on the blog to … celebrate?  (See the end of the post for a couple of notes.) This is a story (more a vignette, really) about the Teachout sisters, whose first adventure can be found inContinue reading “The Island of the Crabs (a Teachout vignette)”

The Next Assistant

Happy Halloween!  Have a story for trick or treat.  (It’s a Halloween story, so please take that under advisement before you read.) The Next Assistant by Laura E. Price There is very little for this assistant to do. He sleeps poorly, lately, because the hump has gotten too big to allow him to lie comfortablyContinue reading “The Next Assistant”