quarantine blogging

I was working on a huge thing about self-quarantining, but I realized my feelings on people staying home and people going out and states reopening and blah blah blah all boil down to … you know what, don’t spit on other people, okay?  Literally or metaphorically.  Even without a pandemic. (Okay, yes, some people deserveContinue reading “quarantine blogging”

quarantine blogging

The essay is 90% done.  I want to do a re-read of it to pull out the random ‘ands’ before I send it off. I’m doing a lot of re-reading lately, because I am not super-keen on stories where I don’t have some vague idea of the ending at the moment.  Gee, I wonder why?Continue reading “quarantine blogging”

stuff Laura’s read recently

I think this blog may end up being all about reading for a while?  I’m doing a lot of that recently. I got my contributor’s copy of Translunar Travelers Lounge, and wow, gang.  This is a really strong batch of stories.  Like, I am chuffed to be included, here.  Every last one of them isContinue reading “stuff Laura’s read recently”

Hey, look over there!

No, no, over there, at Penumbra’s blog! Why yes, that is a guest blog from your truly, talking about great writers–as in, like, Great Writers. So while I try to figure out what the hell the point is in the Boxtrolls post I have saved in my drafts, head on over there and find outContinue reading “Hey, look over there!”

Catching up!

So remind me to never plan my kid’s birthday party for the Saturday before Easter again. Actually, remind me to just skip every part of April that isn’t his birthday, because that would make life easier. April is pure chaos. Catching up, then … First of all, because I know everyone who reads this hasContinue reading “Catching up!”


Yup, I have nothing original to write about this week, so I am tossing a bunch of random thoughts and some links into a post and calling it good. Cool Stuff to Read, 1 So Shadow Unit updated recently … if you like Criminal Minds and The X-Files, this is likely something you’d enjoy. From theContinue reading “Randomnicity”

state of the Laura

So me with social media is amusing, at least in my own mind, because I feel like I’m spinning around and sort of poking at the blog, then sporadically reblogging stuff on Tumblr, once in a very blue moon peeking at Twitter before then hiding again with a sigh, and maybe the only thing I’mContinue reading “state of the Laura”