Stuff I Like About Hadestown, a list

I got into Hadestown just in time for the OBC recording to start coming out, so I’m enjoying doing comparisons between the songs on the live recording and what’s being dropped.  So far I … um … kinda like the live version Hermes better? (Andre deShields is really good, though! Don’t @ me!) I reallyContinue reading “Stuff I Like About Hadestown, a list”

and now for a musical interlude

Hi there!  I hope you’re enjoying Dropping Slow, and if you haven’t yet donated to either the Sharon the Light website directly or to my CrowdRise, that you’ll consider it!  Just scroll down to any of the Dropping Slow entries and click the links. I asked on Facebook if anyone might be interested in my Dropping Slow playlist,Continue reading “and now for a musical interlude”

Guess who got a donation yesterday? So, as promised: “Anything Can Be Used As a Bookmark,” by yours truly (special thanks to the Zweeble). This song was brought to you by the-cassandra-project‘s Every Single Day Challenge and the donation of Laurel M, whose fundraiser for the Sierra Club is here, if you’d like to thankContinue reading

goddammit, amanda

I have the week off work. I had plans.  Plans to clean, and write, and file things, and maybe get the three of us off of our shared Apple account and into Family Sharing because I’m tired of the 8 year old getting texts meant for the lovely husband on the phone he has justContinue reading “goddammit, amanda”

things about David Bowie

Bowie was Scott’s.  That’s the first thing. “And your prayers, they break the sky in two,” is the second. Heathen is the third thing.  It’s not on my iPod in its entirety, and it’s all I want to listen to. Bowie was myth made manifest.  That’s the last thing.  I grew this story of himContinue reading “things about David Bowie”

Randomnicity, mostly because my thoughts on the Hamilton soundtrack are pretty random right now

So what’s been going on in Laura-land … ? Thing the First Whelp, my lovely husband is blogging again, which is a joy.  His blog is a little bit of everything: writing samples, shameless other people promotion, personal stuff. Rants, probably, at some point. His most recent post is–hey!–a lot of random stuff. And just for the record,Continue reading “Randomnicity, mostly because my thoughts on the Hamilton soundtrack are pretty random right now”

I have a fandom! (also I natter about writing process and some music)

My husband told me the other day that he was in my fandom. I was simultaneously amused and confused by this–“Like, you’re into Glee, now?” “No, I’m in your fandom.  Like, I’m a fan of you.  The Laura fandom.” Which, whew, seriously, he did marry me, I’d hope he was a fan of, you know, me.  But thenContinue reading “I have a fandom! (also I natter about writing process and some music)”

State of the Laura: no longer drowning in snot …

… my eye is itchy, though, and it’s driving me crazy. So what’s the haps? (I am nothing if not slangy and current.) Let’s see. We sent the boy to Lego Engineering Camp (which is also “science stuff, too, Mom!”) for a week, and basically everyone we’ve mentioned this to has asked us if he’sContinue reading “State of the Laura: no longer drowning in snot …”

shameless other people promotion

There is a certain irony in my life, because my family is full of musicians, and I am utterly clueless about music. However, that is not the point! The point is, my sweet baby cousin[1], Jawn Sudano, is the drummer for Me Versus I, and they have a new album on Bandcamp, and you canContinue reading “shameless other people promotion”

Why the Moody Blues’ “Greatest Hits” is a Dystopian Album

That would be this album. On cassette, even. It was certainly high school, probably my junior year? When I was still desperately searching for music that would define me (you know, like you do … I was a weird kid). I got this album and a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale at the same time.Continue reading “Why the Moody Blues’ “Greatest Hits” is a Dystopian Album”