Full Bibliography

The Teachout Sisters

Stand Alone Stories

“String of Stars” in Cicada

“Hauntings” in Penumbra eMag

The Science Fictional Universe Currently Without a Name

“The Lost Languages of Exiles”

“There are No Lost Worlds” vol 1

A Meditation: on Safety, Fear, and Rage” vol 2

Untitled Internet Quiz Parody That We Just Used the ‘Zine Title For vol. 3

“The Modern Eurydice: to Orpheus, in the Autumn of the Plague Year” vol 4

“Is This Your First Apocalypse?” vol 5

“A (Lovely) Companion Piece” vol 6

“Cringe Is the Plan. The Plan Is Death.” vol 6

“Look, It Even Has Citations: A Scholarly Essay. This Is Not Art.” vol 7

“The Bloodhound’s Sister Meets the Void” vol 8

“IMG-4971” vol 9

“Two Old Ladies In a School Gym Lockup” vol 10

“Crave” vol 11

“Everything Is Arbitrary” vol 12

“And the Forest Sings of Secrets and the Dead” vol 13

“Elpis at the Farmer’s Market” and “4am, April 2023″vol 14

Stories on the Blog

Poetry (and one song)



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