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Laura E. Price was born in the fetid swampland of southwestern Florida; she escaped for a time to earn degrees in writing at the University of Evansville and the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (ironically, a college built around a literal swamp). After spending too much time influenced by mainstream literature (ew!), she began writing for herself and collected a nice number of story publications–she writes fantasy, horror, and the occasional bit of soft science fiction. She has long since retreated back to her ever-more-gothic home state, where she lives with her family in a house that is not (yet) haunted.

Brief note in first person: I occasionally post fiction here–feel free to link to it (seriously, that’s lovely), but please don’t reproduce it without permission.  (Don’t be afraid to ask, though.)

2 thoughts on “Author Bio

  1. Hello back. Just finished “The Curators Job”. Top work (irrespective of whether it becomes a novel/serial fiction or is never revisited). Thank you.

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