It’s the very last day of the Every Single Day Challenge!

And I hope you have read and enjoyed the last bit of Dropping Slow, and that you’ve made a donation to Sharon the Light via CrowdRise or directly!  If not, you still have some time to do so and get yourself a free ebook copy of the novella. There are two other lovely people doing thisContinue reading “It’s the very last day of the Every Single Day Challenge!”

Every Single Day Starts Tomorrow!

And if you’ve got some extra cash and want to donate to some worthy causes … Every Single Day for Feeding America Karen Sorenson is creating her second poetry chapbook, We Feed the Dead (that is a seriously awesome title), to raise funds for Feeding America.  The link goes to FirstGiving, which lets you donate anyContinue reading “Every Single Day Starts Tomorrow!”

Bonus poem!

My friend Debra, who was also my first donor, demanded a sequel to the Single Dad Duck Poem, “with a happy ending!” And I am pretty sure we could all use a nice single-dad-duck-finding-happiness poem right about now. Single Dad Duck, the Sequel –for Debra The difficulties of single duck parenthood are many: the ducklingContinue reading “Bonus poem!”

this one includes an incentive …

So the boy informed me today that anything can be used as a bookmark (considering he’s used socks and stuffed animals for this purpose, I am not exactly shocked by his assertion).  We batted this back and forth for a while and then (because I am Queen of the Dad Jokes) I came up withContinue reading “this one includes an incentive …”