Hi there!

Well here we are again, and it’s been so long since I’ve posted that I feel overwhelmed at the very idea of blogging!  Yay! So first, an update: we all survived sixth grade relatively intact, the kid had a 4.0 for the quarter, and now it’s all theatre camp and lounging for him until August.Continue reading “Hi there!”

3 of 3 of “The Ride of the Hawk in the Netherworld,” by me, recited by stick figure me. Yeah, Lark’s a badass. According to my notes, this is where their story goes from being a general adventure/romance to a star-crossed tragedy, since because Lark has killed Death, she has to take its place.  SheContinue reading

2 of 3 of “The Ride of the Hawk in the Netherworld,” by me, recited by stick figure me. It’s a cliffhanger!  My god, what will happen?! This is part of the Every Single Day Challenge, to raise money for the ACLU. You can donate any time; if you can’t donate, please feel free toContinue reading

1 of 3. Okay, this poem is … perhaps a trifle self-indulgent?  But whatever, it’s for charity. As you may know, I have a series of short stories (links to which you can find under “Full Bibliography,” above) about Corwyn and Gwen, the Teachout sisters, lady adventuresses for hire.  Corwyn has a tendency, in timesContinue reading

The Landlady (a revised Teachout story)

So in 2014, I posted the original vignette “The Landlady”.  And then this year I ended up revising it substantially, and I thought it turned out pretty well, so I’m going to post it here to end my 2-week blog streak.  I will probably take the first version down at some point, just to streamlineContinue reading “The Landlady (a revised Teachout story)”

Randomnicity, mostly because my thoughts on the Hamilton soundtrack are pretty random right now

So what’s been going on in Laura-land … ? Thing the First Whelp, my lovely husband is blogging again, which is a joy.  His blog is a little bit of everything: writing samples, shameless other people promotion, personal stuff. Rants, probably, at some point. His most recent post is–hey!–a lot of random stuff. And just for the record,Continue reading “Randomnicity, mostly because my thoughts on the Hamilton soundtrack are pretty random right now”

The Cursed Headdress (a Teachout story)

This is a story (please note the “read more” button!) about the Teachout sisters, links to whose other adventures can be found in my full bibliography.  I think this can stand alone, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go and read “The Drowned Man” first.  For reasons.  (It’s cool.  I’ll wait.)  And, you know,Continue reading “The Cursed Headdress (a Teachout story)”

random real-life stuff with bonus art!

It’s been a busy month and a half around here, and I am tired.  Like, bone-deep, twelve hours of sleep might start chipping away at the sleep debt, way done with everything kind of tired.  But it’s all been in service to the greater good, and it’s not like I’m not always exhausted from March to theContinue reading “random real-life stuff with bonus art!”

State of the Laura: shameless self-promotion edition

All right, on October 1 it goes into the archives, so here’s my last bit of shameless-self-promotion for “The Curator’s Job” … A curator who has lost quite a unique … um … item, girl adventurers, a witch, Victorian-era gangsters, and, to top it all off, a big old-fashioned free-for-all brawl. YOU KNOW YOU WANTContinue reading “State of the Laura: shameless self-promotion edition”

“The Curator’s Job” is live!

All right, y’all, my long short story, “The Curator’s Job,” is up at GigaNotoSaurus! This is another story about Corwyn and Gwen Teachout, lady adventurers for hire … except it’s rather early in their career. [1] Here, I’ll give you a teaser quote:   “I think if you want to see her stop playing and kill youContinue reading ““The Curator’s Job” is live!”