shameless other people promotion, evil twin edition!

Jason Kimble has new stuff out! “Drowning Joys” in Aliterate.  It’s a romance.  After a fashion.  I keep prodding him for another story in this universe, so if you buy the book and read the story, you can also prod him for more.  Join me here in the fandom for this story! “Technically Magic,” in TransitionsContinue reading “shameless other people promotion, evil twin edition!”

2 week blog run: day 7

I suppose it makes me feel like a professional to look at my ‘catalogue,’ if you will, and see that it’s not only running low, but that I don’t actually have time to work on short stories to fill it until next week.  I started thinking about a long weekend in a hotel room withContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 7”

2 week blog run: day 2

Whelp, things are not getting done the way I planned, and while I don’t like it, I understand why.  So, be kind to yourself, Laura; tomorrow is another day.  And then, with any luck, there’s a day after that. And for the record, I do take full and gleeful responsibility for enabling Jason’s most recent story.  IContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 2”

It’s story publication day!

My short story, “File 29520: Notes from Immediate Aftermath of Attack by New Villain, ‘The Daemon’,” is up at Betwixt right now. [1] It’s a superhero story, and if you’re one of my Facebook peeps or follow me on Tumblr, it’s the one that the evil twin and the lovely husband basically dared me to write.  AndContinue reading “It’s story publication day!”

shameless other people promotion!

Time for SHAMELESS OTHER PEOPLE PROMOTION, part the four millionth! My evil twin, Jason Kimble, has a story in this issue of The Sockdolager.  “Hide Behind” is part of his reworked American folklore series (we call it the “Tall” series between ourselves, but I don’t know if that’s official or anything), and it is the absoluteContinue reading “shameless other people promotion!”

Why I Write (or, I May Have a Footnote Problem)

This entry is in response to Chuck Wendig’s flash not-fiction challenge.  Because my brain did not want to novel today. Well, right now I’m writing this to avoid typing up what I wrote this week, because I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to fix it yet.  I could be wrong about that; if I actuallyContinue reading “Why I Write (or, I May Have a Footnote Problem)”

All Summer In a Day (or, Jumping On a Bandwagon) (or, Blame Jason for This One)

Jason and I went to college with Amanda Hard (waves at Amanda), and she blogged about a Ray Bradbury story (“The Next In Line”) as part of her ongoing series of reviews of scary short stories for National Short Story Month,[1] then Jason blogged about “The Whole Town’s Sleeping,” and I wanna be a partContinue reading “All Summer In a Day (or, Jumping On a Bandwagon) (or, Blame Jason for This One)”

random real-life stuff with bonus art!

It’s been a busy month and a half around here, and I am tired.  Like, bone-deep, twelve hours of sleep might start chipping away at the sleep debt, way done with everything kind of tired.  But it’s all been in service to the greater good, and it’s not like I’m not always exhausted from March to theContinue reading “random real-life stuff with bonus art!”