The inevitable eulogy for Glee

So this week Glee is ending.  And I’m sad. I started watching Glee in a very on-and-off kind of way–I skipped episodes, I fast-forwarded the Finn and Rachel stuff that I didn’t care about–while my friends were really into it.  And then I got really into it, and most of my friends stopped watching.  SoContinue reading “The inevitable eulogy for Glee”

Glee 5.19 (and some 5.18), or: Thanks, Chris Colfer, now I’ve got ‘Memory’ stuck in my head for a week.

Before I get into all that, I’ve been sort of analyzing my feelings on spoilers? And I feel like writing them down. So: When Buffy was airing, in the dawn of the internet, I spent one season spoiled for everything. And it kind of killed my enjoyment of that season, so the Lovely Husband andContinue reading “Glee 5.19 (and some 5.18), or: Thanks, Chris Colfer, now I’ve got ‘Memory’ stuck in my head for a week.”

Catching up!

So remind me to never plan my kid’s birthday party for the Saturday before Easter again. Actually, remind me to just skip every part of April that isn’t his birthday, because that would make life easier. April is pure chaos. Catching up, then … First of all, because I know everyone who reads this hasContinue reading “Catching up!”

Glee 5.14, “New New York,” randomnicity

Wait, I just posted yesterday, what the hell is going on?! So, Glee. I liked that a lot … and all I have are random observations. First off, though, I have to say I was disappointed not to see any talking cat-nuns or giant faces in jars in this episode. The bedbugs are not Macra.Continue reading “Glee 5.14, “New New York,” randomnicity”

Glee 5.9, “Frenemies,” or: Rachel Berry is Not Okay.

I am not a fan of Rachel, though I have been enjoying her story more the past couple of seasons than I ever have before. But holy cats, I am sympathizing with her like whoa this season. I mean, in an episode the featured Tina and Artie and had some hilarious Blaine and Kurt stuffContinue reading “Glee 5.9, “Frenemies,” or: Rachel Berry is Not Okay.”

Glee 5.03, “The Quarterback”

Warnings and Disclaimer:  This entry is riddled with spoilers for the episode, and is talking about death quite a lot.  Be aware, I’m only focusing the episode itself (with a couple of asides regarding performances), not the real-life tragedy around it. I thought, going in, that this episode of Glee was either going to be good, orContinue reading “Glee 5.03, “The Quarterback””