State of the Laura: boring and drowning in snot.

I am also high as balls on allergy meds at the moment. (I wrote that specifically for my lovely friend, Erin.) I have a bunch of projects I’m working on; I have no idea which of them, if any, will see the light of day, but I like being busy. However, this massive allergy attackContinue reading “State of the Laura: boring and drowning in snot.”


Yup, I have nothing original to write about this week, so I am tossing a bunch of random thoughts and some links into a post and calling it good. Cool Stuff to Read, 1 So Shadow Unit updated recently … if you like Criminal Minds and The X-Files, this is likely something you’d enjoy. From theContinue reading “Randomnicity”

state of the Laura

So me with social media is amusing, at least in my own mind, because I feel like I’m spinning around and sort of poking at the blog, then sporadically reblogging stuff on Tumblr, once in a very blue moon peeking at Twitter before then hiding again with a sigh, and maybe the only thing I’mContinue reading “state of the Laura”

In which I wax rhapsodic about Unfuck Your Habitat

So the reason I sort of fell off the blog over Christmas was that, about three days after I went on break[1], I got sick.  I got nobody else sick, so I figure it was allergies, but still.  Tired, sore throat, gunk galore out my nasal cavities … blech.  I managed to take the boyContinue reading “In which I wax rhapsodic about Unfuck Your Habitat”