Quarantine blogging: the modern salon

Making pseudo-lesson planner pages for myself to make sure I get things done. Apparently my brain does not wish to self-direct; it wants to be told what to do and when to do it. This is, of course, a reaction to stress. But it’s cool—bullet journaling and therapy have helped me accept that I amContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: the modern salon”

shameless other people promotion!

Hey, remember the Every Single Day Challenge back in June? Well, the founder of the Challenge, Karen Sorenson, put a poetry chapbook together for hers, and it’s on Etsy:  We Feed the Dead. For $7.50, you can buy and read this story told in poems … A series of poems following one woman’s attempt toContinue reading “shameless other people promotion!”

Promotions, ahoy!

Jason Kimble has a story on Cast of Wonders today; you can listen to or read “Blood and Water.” And if you buy Seasonal Affective Disorder today, Karen Sorenson will donate $2 of the cost to Arts In the Armed Forces!  

shameless other people promotion

Yes, I do need to get back to blogging.  Life has been nutso. HOWEVER! Karen Sorenson, author of Three Stories and founder of The Cassandra Project (and the Every Single Day Challenge) has put out a chapbook of poetry called Seasonal Affective Disorder, part of the proceeds of which will benefit Arts In the Armed Forces, anContinue reading “shameless other people promotion”

Randomnicity, mostly because my thoughts on the Hamilton soundtrack are pretty random right now

So what’s been going on in Laura-land … ? Thing the First Whelp, my lovely husband is blogging again, which is a joy.  His blog is a little bit of everything: writing samples, shameless other people promotion, personal stuff. Rants, probably, at some point. His most recent post is–hey!–a lot of random stuff. And just for the record,Continue reading “Randomnicity, mostly because my thoughts on the Hamilton soundtrack are pretty random right now”

Shameless Other People Promotion!

Yes, yes, I know–it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I blame Jason and Scott; they keep giving me story ideas.  Which is all well and good, but I’m also working on a novel, here, in my oh-so-copious spare time. But that, my friends, is not the point of this post.  No, the point ofContinue reading “Shameless Other People Promotion!”