The Island of the Crabs (a Teachout vignette)

I read the other day that the 2013 Christmas Island migration is underway, and I thought I’d finally put this up on the blog to … celebrate?  (See the end of the post for a couple of notes.) This is a story (more a vignette, really) about the Teachout sisters, whose first adventure can be found inContinue reading “The Island of the Crabs (a Teachout vignette)”

I have no catchy title, just lookie here!

So I was perusing Tumblr, as you do, and I found some other photos of this charming fellow on Seanan McGuire’s blog there (this one’s public domain, so I felt okay about posting it, plus it gives you a better overview of the fish). This is the sarcastic fringehead, ladies and gentlemen (and if thatContinue reading “I have no catchy title, just lookie here!”