Things I Loved About ‘Moana’

I liked this so much more than I liked Frozen.  That’s a low bar, though, because aside from the fact that Frozen hinges on how much Elsa and Anna love each other, I really didn’t care for it.  So let me say that Moana is my favorite Disney movie since Beauty and the Beast. SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT!Continue reading “Things I Loved About ‘Moana’”

stuff Laura has read recently and randomnicity

I just finished This Census-Taker by China Miéville. It’s a short book–novella-length, which seems to be a thing recently (thank you, e-books)–and it’s actually haunting.  It’s stuck with me since I finished it on Friday. The story begins with a boy running down a hill from his home to the town, which is strung onContinue reading “stuff Laura has read recently and randomnicity”

Why I liked The Force Awakens, a spoiler-free reaction by Laura P., age 42

Well, if you’re trying to stay entirely spoiler-free, skip this ’til you see the movie, just to be safe. But no plot spoilers.   So like every person of my generation, I’m a Star Wars fan. I was four or five when A New Hope came out; I was old enough for Empire Strikes BackContinue reading “Why I liked The Force Awakens, a spoiler-free reaction by Laura P., age 42”

like I wasn’t going to write about Avengers 2

So I’ve now seen Age of Ultron twice, first with the husband because comics geeks, second with child because indoctrination into comics geekdom, and of course I have thoughts.  This is random and mashed together out of stuff I wrote on Tumblr, so, you know, enjoy my brain.  Spoilers (and capslock) below the cut.