quarantine blogging: in which i rant about animal crossing

Or maybe not rant, per se. I am building a second floor on my palatial three-room estate up in the cliffs of our island, overlooking the water.  I have begun an experimental flower bed for cross-breeding; I have a little hill where I plant all the extras of everything and see what happens (what happensContinue reading “quarantine blogging: in which i rant about animal crossing”

2 week blog run: day 4

Today we ran some errands, hit two libraries, and went to a park to play on the playground and hunt Pokemon. My best friend since fifth grade is a huge fan of urban decay as an aesthetic; we joke that he’s Urban Goth and I’m Nature Goth, as I have this tendency to take photosContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 4”

2 week blog run: day 3

See, the hard part is thinking up something to write about. The husband is watching Wayward Pines, which really sounds like it ought to be more like Gravity Falls or Eureka, but, sadly, is not. Spoilers, kind of, coming up for Wayward Pines (which I keep wanting to call Waverly Pines, which would make a great title for my mash-up, whichContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 3”

2 week blog run: day 2

Whelp, things are not getting done the way I planned, and while I don’t like it, I understand why.  So, be kind to yourself, Laura; tomorrow is another day.  And then, with any luck, there’s a day after that. And for the record, I do take full and gleeful responsibility for enabling Jason’s most recent story.  IContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 2”

2 week blog run: day 1

So I’m going to try an experiment in sustained micro-blogging (and doesn’t that sound impressive as all hell), and attempt to post something every day for two weeks.  It may not be profound, it definitely won’t be long, but consistency!  We like that, right? This, of course, means random random random. If you read myContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 1”

Beware, there is an incredibly elliptical blog post to follow …

First off, I kind of hate January. Like, we get back to school with the kid, but we’re completely out of the homework routine.  Before we can get back into a groove, we head to Ohio to visit the lovely in-laws.  When we return, we have half-days at school, makeup work, a project due, aContinue reading “Beware, there is an incredibly elliptical blog post to follow …”

Why I Write (or, I May Have a Footnote Problem)

This entry is in response to Chuck Wendig’s flash not-fiction challenge.  Because my brain did not want to novel today. Well, right now I’m writing this to avoid typing up what I wrote this week, because I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to fix it yet.  I could be wrong about that; if I actuallyContinue reading “Why I Write (or, I May Have a Footnote Problem)”