ranting to (and about) my new pants

So I bought pants on my day off last week, and today I put on a pair of the new pants for work. Now, this particular pair, I had noticed in the store, had a patterned cloth on the inside for the pockets. I’d sort of glanced at it because I was more concerned withContinue reading “ranting to (and about) my new pants”

Why the day before my birthday is going to be hard for a while

So my grandmother died this past summer. For a long time, I was closer to my grandfather, and my grandmother was closer to my cousin–this is not to say we didn’t get along, because I adored my grandparents (my love of Shakespeare comes from my grandmother, I think; my love of fantasy and science fictionContinue reading “Why the day before my birthday is going to be hard for a while”

Things To Read, Other People Edition

I know, I know, what you really want is to read something by me.  (Oh my god, I am blushing just typing that, where did my youthful arrogance go?)  I may have something for you in that regard in a while–I’m working on a blog post about One of the Weird Things I Am Fascinated By,Continue reading “Things To Read, Other People Edition”