more shameless other people promotion

David Walker (aka the evil twin-in-law, aka Jason’s husband) has started a YouTube series (channel?  I am woefully illiterate in YouTube terminology), and the premiere video, about Batman in film, has gone up. (For the record, I am a Michael Keaton as Batman girl–his movie career is full of characters who are unhinged; even theContinue reading “more shameless other people promotion”

goddammit, amanda

I have the week off work. I had plans.  Plans to clean, and write, and file things, and maybe get the three of us off of our shared Apple account and into Family Sharing because I’m tired of the 8 year old getting texts meant for the lovely husband on the phone he has justContinue reading “goddammit, amanda”

shameless husband promotion

So my Lovely Husband–the guy who made my awesome goggles?–has been making all sorts of cool stuff off and on for a while now, and he’s finally looking into selling some of his stuff. Specifically, he’s selling these: (We like our jewelry to have a story, ’round here.) It’s just these for now, but heContinue reading “shameless husband promotion”

shameless other people promotion

There is a certain irony in my life, because my family is full of musicians, and I am utterly clueless about music. However, that is not the point! The point is, my sweet baby cousin[1], Jawn Sudano, is the drummer for Me Versus I, and they have a new album on Bandcamp, and you canContinue reading “shameless other people promotion”