quarantine blogging: another poem

Another poem from the IG reading … This one came about because our friend Ulrica messaged me about sending Scott a care package from Sweden, and she said, “The world as we know it is gone. Some of us understand that already, others need more time for it to sink in … So let’s justContinue reading “quarantine blogging: another poem”

quarantine blogging: a poem

This is one of the poems I read during my IG reading back in Year 5 of Quarantine. I wrote this for a prompt: “Build the Wall/All Walls Fall.”    What I Know About Walls I know that there is something that does not love them. Walls are made, of stone or wood or rolesContinue reading “quarantine blogging: a poem”

shameless other people promotion!

Hey, remember the Every Single Day Challenge back in June? Well, the founder of the Challenge, Karen Sorenson, put a poetry chapbook together for hers, and it’s on Etsy:  We Feed the Dead. For $7.50, you can buy and read this story told in poems … A series of poems following one woman’s attempt toContinue reading “shameless other people promotion!”

Every Single Day Starts Tomorrow!

And if you’ve got some extra cash and want to donate to some worthy causes … Every Single Day for Feeding America Karen Sorenson is creating her second poetry chapbook, We Feed the Dead (that is a seriously awesome title), to raise funds for Feeding America.  The link goes to FirstGiving, which lets you donate anyContinue reading “Every Single Day Starts Tomorrow!”

Promotions, ahoy!

Jason Kimble has a story on Cast of Wonders today; you can listen to or read “Blood and Water.” And if you buy Seasonal Affective Disorder today, Karen Sorenson will donate $2 of the cost to Arts In the Armed Forces!  

shameless other people promotion

Yes, I do need to get back to blogging.  Life has been nutso. HOWEVER! Karen Sorenson, author of Three Stories and founder of The Cassandra Project (and the Every Single Day Challenge) has put out a chapbook of poetry called Seasonal Affective Disorder, part of the proceeds of which will benefit Arts In the Armed Forces, anContinue reading “shameless other people promotion”

Bonus poem!

My friend Debra, who was also my first donor, demanded a sequel to the Single Dad Duck Poem, “with a happy ending!” And I am pretty sure we could all use a nice single-dad-duck-finding-happiness poem right about now. Single Dad Duck, the Sequel –for Debra The difficulties of single duck parenthood are many: the ducklingContinue reading “Bonus poem!”