Quarantine blogging: squirrel brain

Squirrel brain this evening; no focus at all. Yeah, just lost the thread of what I was going to say two seconds ago, yay. Finished a draft today! The manuscript is a literal mess—part typed into Scrivener, part into Google docs, part handwritten between two notebooks, and the ending typed into Word. This is dueContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: squirrel brain”

quarantine blogging: sleep? what?

I have completely borked my sleep schedule. I get done with my day job and end up asleep on the couch for like an hour and a half, then I don’t sleep until later at night.  Now I’m trying to decide whether I should just say fuck it and make that work for me orContinue reading “quarantine blogging: sleep? what?”

quarantine blogging: I’m in more debt to Tom Nook.

I have baked bread on numerous occasions, so making a sourdough starter was not anything I was interested in.  That meant that the Quarantine Trend I could hop on was Animal Crossing! Actually, the kid wanted it, and at this point I’m down with buying him as many video games as he wants.  For oneContinue reading “quarantine blogging: I’m in more debt to Tom Nook.”

quarantine blogging: asking the real questions

 Is a pandemic a good excuse to order more notebooks? (probably no.) Do I want a Shipt account? (leaning toward yes.) I really like the Artist’s Loft notebooks from Michael’s, and am concerned that the one I use for a journal will run out before quarantine does.  However, I currently have about ten blank notebooksContinue reading “quarantine blogging: asking the real questions”

quarantine blogging: all the links to things!

If you tuned into my Instagram reading this evening, you may be looking for links to things I mentioned tonight … The first issue of Fuckit: a zine, featuring “There are No Lost Worlds,” which I read tonight, along with some cool photos, odd essays, and poetry.  Stapled, for your punk rock aesthetic.  If you’reContinue reading “quarantine blogging: all the links to things!”

quarantine blogging: rudeness? in *this* pandemic?

I have gotten snippy on Twitter with The New York Times over people’s kids/pets on Zoom and some rando talking about “lacking discipline” if you come out of quarantine without, like, skillz or a side hustle.  Folks, I have to actually work from home for 8 hours a day, you can fuck off trying toContinue reading “quarantine blogging: rudeness? in *this* pandemic?”

Quarantine blogging: the modern salon

Making pseudo-lesson planner pages for myself to make sure I get things done. Apparently my brain does not wish to self-direct; it wants to be told what to do and when to do it. This is, of course, a reaction to stress. But it’s cool—bullet journaling and therapy have helped me accept that I amContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: the modern salon”

quarantine blogging

The essay is 90% done.  I want to do a re-read of it to pull out the random ‘ands’ before I send it off. I’m doing a lot of re-reading lately, because I am not super-keen on stories where I don’t have some vague idea of the ending at the moment.  Gee, I wonder why?Continue reading “quarantine blogging”

quarantine blogging: my hobbit hole

I did not, in fact, spend the day writing.  I instead spent it rearranging my office so that it better resembled the hobbit hole that I want it to be. Obviously part of that is once again having a computer tower instead of a small square thing that hides easily.  The other part was allContinue reading “quarantine blogging: my hobbit hole”