Quarantine blogging: stay off social media and write, Price

I go back and forth between panicky want-to-know-everything and stubborn I-am-going-to-survive-out-of-spite. (Not that I’m sick. Still healthy a week into quarantine. Knock on wood.) I’m not sure how much I need to know about everything. The past three years I have occasionally had to tell myself that the train will continue to wreck whether orContinue reading “Quarantine blogging: stay off social media and write, Price”

quarantine blogging: snakes and other creatures

My cousin’s 5 year old son has a pet snake he named “Cutie” because, it seems, the snake has a cute face.  This is adorable and reminds me of a certain child of mine, back in the day. Said child has decided to spend this week before online classes start to do a bit ofContinue reading “quarantine blogging: snakes and other creatures”

quarantine blog: shameless other people promotion

Okay, I gotta stop numbering because I have no idea what number I should be on. Jason’s got a new story out!  You can read or listen to “The Hammer-Royal Model For Making the Superhero A-List” over at Cast of Wonders!  It’s always fun when Jason writes superheroes.  Um.  Yes. (psst!  Someone give him PowerContinue reading “quarantine blog: shameless other people promotion”

Quarantine blogging 2: sad Ben Affleck

I had a dream a couple nights ago about a very sad Ben Affleck. I have no idea why he was sad in my dream.  From what I understand, real Ben Affleck is doing okay after some substance abuse problems and what really does sound like a depression-induced back tattoo, but in the dream heContinue reading “Quarantine blogging 2: sad Ben Affleck”

quarantine blogging 1

All of us here at my house are healthy, currently (though we all have allergies and boy is that fun right now).  We have an elder, a diabetic, your spleenless narrator, and a 12 year old kid … plus the dog and two tetra fish.  So, you know, no one ever comes in, and noContinue reading “quarantine blogging 1”

stuff Laura’s read recently

I think this blog may end up being all about reading for a while?  I’m doing a lot of that recently. I got my contributor’s copy of Translunar Travelers Lounge, and wow, gang.  This is a really strong batch of stories.  Like, I am chuffed to be included, here.  Every last one of them isContinue reading “stuff Laura’s read recently”

Hello, there; it’s been a while …

Life has been a bit more up and down than is even usual for me, resulting in not a whole lot of content blogging.  First we had Irma and the evacuation; then I had a health scare that knocked everything sideways for a couple of months.[1]  I feel like I’m just now getting myself back onContinue reading “Hello, there; it’s been a while …”