Strange Horizons Fund Drive

The annual Strange Horizons fund drive is upon us, and it’s the last week! As you may know, gentle reader, I have a soft spot for Strange Horizons, as they are the home of my story, “Items Found In a Box Belonging to Jonas Connolly.”  If you read my post about why I write, that story is the firstContinue reading “Strange Horizons Fund Drive”

Three days left to donate to Strange Horizons!

Strange Horizons is having its annual fund drive! Strange Horizons is a great magazine (e-zine?), and they published me back in 2011 (“Items Found In a Box Belonging to Jonas Connolly” [linked over there somewhere], or as my husband calls it, “that story of Laura’s with the Harlan Ellison-esque title”). If you’ve got any extraContinue reading “Three days left to donate to Strange Horizons!”

State of the Laura: no longer drowning in snot …

… my eye is itchy, though, and it’s driving me crazy. So what’s the haps? (I am nothing if not slangy and current.) Let’s see. We sent the boy to Lego Engineering Camp (which is also “science stuff, too, Mom!”) for a week, and basically everyone we’ve mentioned this to has asked us if he’sContinue reading “State of the Laura: no longer drowning in snot …”

Things To Read, Other People Edition

I know, I know, what you really want is to read something by me.  (Oh my god, I am blushing just typing that, where did my youthful arrogance go?)  I may have something for you in that regard in a while–I’m working on a blog post about One of the Weird Things I Am Fascinated By,Continue reading “Things To Read, Other People Edition”

Strange Horizons Fund Drive!

Strange Horizons is having its annual fund drive! What is Strange Horizons, you ask? Well, my friend, Strange Horizons is an online magazine of speculative literature–poems, short stories, and nonfiction; scifi, fantasy, horror, and so on–and they need money to keep putting out quality work! I love SH. They publish great stories–one of my all-timeContinue reading “Strange Horizons Fund Drive!”