New Story!

From the same gang of angry people who brought you The Cassandra Project, check out Fuckit: a ‘zine! Issue 1, “Welcome to Hellvetica,” includes poetry by AX, an essay by Alexis Siemon, a review of Rocketman, and Karen Sorenson ragging on John Mayer “because really, fuck that guy.” Oh, and a story by me:  “ThereContinue reading “New Story!”

shameless self promotion UPDATE

Hey, if you followed the link to The Cassandra Project  and felt that she shipping cost was a little … much–there was a bit of confusion there that has since been fixed: Those of you who have bought chapbooks from me before will know that I usually do free shipping on them and just factor thatContinue reading “shameless self promotion UPDATE”

Shameless self-promotion!

My story, “Four Cassandras,” is in this chapbook anthology: The Cassandra Project! The description, from the ordering site: The Cassandra Project was born out of a frantic post-election desire to do something, anything, to make the world a little brighter. I settled on the very sensible solution of compiling, editing, and printing an anthology about theContinue reading “Shameless self-promotion!”

Here we go again … Every Single Day for Sharon the Light!

So it’s that time again … The Cassandra Project is back with Every Single Day Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, starting June 1st! And I am in it once again, looking for donations for an organization called Sharon the Light and posting something every single day during the month of June. Every Single Day for SharonContinue reading “Here we go again … Every Single Day for Sharon the Light!”

Poetry! Stick Figures! Supporting the ACLU!

Okay, so I’m part of The Cassandra Project over on Tumblr, and said project is running a challenge called “every single day.”  For the month of January, participants do something–draw, write, call congresspeople, run, whatever–and we post our progress.  We also set up a CrowdRise account and ask people to donate to a cause. AsContinue reading “Poetry! Stick Figures! Supporting the ACLU!”