poem by (mostly) me, with apologies to William Carlos Williams, whose first line that is (guest-starring stick Scott and stick Zweeble) This is part of the Every Single Day Challenge, to raise money for the ACLU. You can donate any time; if you can’t donate, please feel free to signal boost.


Types of drama I have witnessed recently: Weather (AAAAAAHHHHHH INVEST TROPICAL DEPRESSION TROPICAL STORM why the hell can’t I just go to a weather website and find the maps right there on the front page?  Why do I have to scroll through five stories about weather that’s not impacting me —even after I put inContinue reading “oy.”

2 week blog run: day 8

Well, look at that, we’re on week 2. Every day, I have sat here and thought What the hell do I write? Well, so, what to write today … I did get my note from the library that my book was waiting, and when I told the boys that I was going to go get it, theContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 8”

2 week blog run: day 7

I suppose it makes me feel like a professional to look at my ‘catalogue,’ if you will, and see that it’s not only running low, but that I don’t actually have time to work on short stories to fill it until next week.  I started thinking about a long weekend in a hotel room withContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 7”

2 week blog run: day 6

Today’s theme (the theme of my life in general) is whaaaat am I doooing? I had a nice Sunday.  It was a Platonic ideal of a Sunday, involving light chores, a little bit of work to get ahead, a nap, a walk, and time spent reading on the couch with the child.  It also involved saidContinue reading “2 week blog run: day 6”

My quick thoughts on Pokemon Go

1. I CAUGHT A CUBONE DOWNTOWN ON A STREET CORNER! (Don’t go there, people, Cubone is a sad orphan Pokemon with no mother and I am not actually making a case against that interpretation, am I?) 2. I really don’t want to fight gyms or join teams. I just want to catch Pokemon in myContinue reading “My quick thoughts on Pokemon Go”

After a brief hiatus

Oh my god, it’s been ages, and that story that was eating my brain is … still eating my brain, but not as badly. So how about a round of What’s Going on In Laura’s Life? With a dash of What’s Laura Been Reading? 1. Well, like everyone else in the US, New Zealand, and Australia, I haveContinue reading “After a brief hiatus”

stuff Laura has read recently and randomnicity

I just finished This Census-Taker by China Miéville. It’s a short book–novella-length, which seems to be a thing recently (thank you, e-books)–and it’s actually haunting.  It’s stuck with me since I finished it on Friday. The story begins with a boy running down a hill from his home to the town, which is strung onContinue reading “stuff Laura has read recently and randomnicity”