goddammit, amanda

I have the week off work. I had plans.  Plans to clean, and write, and file things, and maybe get the three of us off of our shared Apple account and into Family Sharing because I’m tired of the 8 year old getting texts meant for the lovely husband on the phone he has justContinue reading “goddammit, amanda”

Beware, there is an incredibly elliptical blog post to follow …

First off, I kind of hate January. Like, we get back to school with the kid, but we’re completely out of the homework routine.  Before we can get back into a groove, we head to Ohio to visit the lovely in-laws.  When we return, we have half-days at school, makeup work, a project due, aContinue reading “Beware, there is an incredibly elliptical blog post to follow …”

conversation on the way to school

(Sweeney Todd spoilers below) Kid:  What is this song? Me:  ‘Funhouse’ by Pink. Kid:  What is it full of now? Me:  Evil clowns. Kid:  … Kid:  Okay, what’s this from? Me:  Sweeney Todd. Kid:  (in a tone that indicates he suspects he knows the answer) … why have all the cats disappeared? Me:  Mrs. MoodyContinue reading “conversation on the way to school”

randomnicity with a dash of melancholy or whatever

Hey, Laura, what’s up with you? So life is ephemeral, adulthood is hard, and my child looks to be ready to go through another growth spurt. He’s chest-high to me right now–when I rest my elbow on his head, I have to tilt my arm up, which was not the case back when summer started–soContinue reading “randomnicity with a dash of melancholy or whatever”

random real-life stuff with bonus art!

It’s been a busy month and a half around here, and I am tired.  Like, bone-deep, twelve hours of sleep might start chipping away at the sleep debt, way done with everything kind of tired.  But it’s all been in service to the greater good, and it’s not like I’m not always exhausted from March to theContinue reading “random real-life stuff with bonus art!”

I have a fandom! (also I natter about writing process and some music)

My husband told me the other day that he was in my fandom. I was simultaneously amused and confused by this–“Like, you’re into Glee, now?” “No, I’m in your fandom.  Like, I’m a fan of you.  The Laura fandom.” Which, whew, seriously, he did marry me, I’d hope he was a fan of, you know, me.  But thenContinue reading “I have a fandom! (also I natter about writing process and some music)”

clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

So, I hate “Happy.” I mean, not really, but for a while it was everywhere and I felt like I was being ordered to be happy by every car ad, grocery store speaker, and minion in America, and if I want to be in a bad mood I’m going to be in a bad mood,Continue reading “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”

state of the Laura: weekend highlights

Spent Saturday at Islands of Adventure to celebrate the evil twin’s birthday. I haven’t ever thought of myself as a Harry Potter geek, and yet I was all goofy as we walked into Hogsmeade, and did a little geeky dance of joy when we saw Hagrid’s cottage. (FANG WAS BARKING, OKAY? DO NOT JUDGE ME!)Continue reading “state of the Laura: weekend highlights”